Football Betting

Betting in a football game is not easy. There are many factors which affect football gambling some of which you might not understand. The various type of football bets is single bets, 90-minute bet, trebles, double bet accumulator bets and many more. These bets are simple to play as compared to Trixies, Yankees, correct score parents, lucky 15’s e.t.c the following points will help you to understand the different types of football bets.

90 minutes betting

It is the most common type of betting. It is about the team which wins footballthe match being played. One can also predict that the outcome of the match will be a draw. This means that the outcomes of this bet are three. These outcomes are: draw, win and lose. You are only entitled to a single wager when predicting the chances.

Double bet

This is a form of betting which allows you to wager on two football matches. Your winning chances are determined by the outcome of both games.

Treble bet

In this betting, you are allowed to pick three teams instead of two. You win only when all the three teams win.

Accumulator betting

This is a bet involving more than three different teams. Such a bet is also referred to as an accumulator wager. The odds of the various selections are multiplied to determine the winning amount. This means that you lose your bet if at least one of your teams fails to match your prediction. A bet of five teams is referred to as a five –fold while that of four teams if known as a four-fold.

A short odd accumulator bet

This is a bet involving the famous teams such as Real Madrid,flag Bayern Munich, Manchester United, And the like when they are playing the low teams or average ones. Here you stand a higher chance of winning


Sunday’s afternoon accumulator bet

This is an accumulator wager which is very common on Sunday’s afternoon. This involves numerous teams in a wager. The winning amount is determined by the number of teams chosen. The more the number of teams involved the more the winning amount. The chances of winning are very low since more teams are involved.

A long odd accumulator bet

This is a form of bet in which someone can wager a small amount and win a large sum of money. For instance, you can bet with £2 and win around £100. The amount won in this game is huge when compared to the betting price.