Benefits Of An Enclosed PC System

Benefits Of An Enclosed PC System

Having an enclosed PC system allows one to keep his or her computer network intact. You can, therefore, avoid any downtime, disruption as well as the hassle of disposing of your equipment. An enclosed PC system is a time efficient and cost effective solution. With this system, you do not have to incur the cost associated with the process of removing the current computer network, installation, and testing of new equipment.

Saving moneysaving money

The dedicated industrial computers are considered to be more expensive when they are compared with the PC enclosed system. Their cost is 50% more than that of an enclosed PC system. You should invest in an enclosed PC system because of its long-term savings
which are more attractive as compare to the industrial PCs.

The system is also durable and can serve you up to ten years. You only need to pay for the initial purchasing price and some minimal maintenance costs.

Protection against dust, oil, water, explosions and grease

An enclosed PC system protects your computer network against these damage threats just like with the industrial computers. The price involved in protecting this system is relatively lower when compared to the industrial computers.

The manufactured enclosures should meet all the international standards. NEMA and IP rating are used in determining the level of protection provided by the enclosure against water or dust.

Protection against physical impact

This system protects your computers against the forceful forces impacts. It is built from highly robust and strong materials. An enclosure can provide better protection against vandalism, tampering, and theft since the system can be bolted easily to a wall or floor.


This system provides more options when cokeybordmpared to the dedicated industrial computer. Other than just housing your PC tower, it can be used for housing the keyboards, monitors, touch screens, mouse, and printers.

Low maintenance

Tee is nothing that you can do to an industrial computer when something goes wrong. It must be set aside on the site for repair by an engineer of a specialist. This causes the severe owner disruption especially if the warranty period is over since you will have to pay for all the repairs.


Unlike with the industrial computer which requires being replaced when it is beyond repair, a PC system can still be used for housing the next PC. Furthermore, an enclosed PC system can also be used for housing several generations of equipment.